I am passionate about what I do because I know that the images I take will become a treasured piece of your family's history. Every family has those images that become the iconic or "famous" pictures that tell your story. I want to take those pictures for you. 

My style is clean, simple, emotional, and authentic - with a touch of playfulness.

I consider myself to be a lifestyle photographer. What does that mean? Every photographer approaches this differently but when it comes to photographing families I think of the "lifestyle" approach to be a combo of both portrait and documentary style photography. This means that I love capturing authentic moments and the real expressions and interactions that come from those moments, but there is still some forethought and a little directing involved. For example, if you love reading books with your children we might set you up to read a book in an area of your home that gets great light and then I can capture the sweetness of this special reading time in a way that is also artistically harmonious. 

It is always my goal to let the subject of my images shine. I do this by creating a relaxed and loving environment where my subjects feel comfortable to be themselves. My philosophy is that simplicity allows for more natural beauty to come through. I love looking through my lens and capturing the unique spirit of each little subject I work with. Photography can change a tiny moment into a beautiful piece of art. 

I recognize the heartbreakingly fleeting nature of life and feel like it is my job to preserve a tiny piece of NOW. 

Let's create something truly special together!


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