Hello! I'm Alonya E. Lowe, owner of Alonya Photography. I specialize in birth, maternity, newborn, and child photography along with offering personal branding and headshot photo sessions for professionals in various fields. I love to travel, photograph food, and use photography in my personal life to share my heart. (For my food photography website click here!)

I grew up in the gorgeous coastal town of Mendocino in Northern California. It is the land of tall old-growth redwood trees and craggy bluffs overlooking a sparkling ocean. The daughter of a midwife and a disc jockey, I learned to appreciate nature, art, music, and the miracle of birth from a young age. 

My photography journey started young. I remember tromping through the woods with a little point and shoot camera and taking pictures of banana slugs. They were all out of focus, but the thrill of picture taking had me hooked. Later I would get into developing my own film in the high school dark room. I had moved on from banana slugs to more dynamic subjects. My little brother James was my favorite person to photograph. Eight years younger than me, James was the little love of my life. I loved to follow him around trying to catch his every expression. Now I shoot digital and love the creativity that digital processing allows for. 

As the daughter of a midwife I have always been surrounded by bumps, birth, and babies. Though fascinated and very drawn to that world I always considered myself a creative spirit and never felt compelled to follow in her medical footsteps. It was an incredible revelation when I realized I could turn photography into my profession. I started my business in Los Angeles in 2013 and haven't looked back. I started with family photography and my favorite subjects (birth and babies) and have expanded from there. 

I also spend time writing and performing comedy, fantasizing about travel and sometimes doing it, and trying not to eat too much cheese. I live in Portland, Oregon with my wonderful husband and our fur pals. 

My goal as a portrait photographer is to create a warm and loving environment that allows for my subjects to be themselves and shine. I see phenomenal beauty in moments big and small and I love using my skill as a photographer to create invaluable images that preserve everything you love and cherish most about this moment in time. I would love to be your photographer!



Alonya Eisenberg, Jozu Photography.

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