A few of the locations I've enjoyed shooting at around our diverse LA!

Kenneth Hahn Park

This is my favorite place to shoot because there are so many different places within the park that look and feel completely different.  All the photos below were taken at Kenneth Hahn!

Coldwater Canyon

Offering a tranquil lake surrounded by green trees and bushes, this is a great place to shoot. Just be warned it is a little tricky to find, so be prepared to drive deep into the canyon!

Travel Town

It is free to enter and there are trains everywhere! A lot of fun for the little ones. From a photography standpoint there are lots of cool shapes and lines to play with. 

The Beach

My favorite beach to shoot at is in Playa Del Rey. There is generally good parking and less people. Keep in mind we will be fighting the sun and the sand, but it is worth it - especially if we catch a magical sunset! 


The Rose Garden at USC

Rows of roses in all different colors everywhere! 

Descanso Gardens

A wonderful place to shoot. There is a rose garden, a japenese style garden, and lots of wonderful paths leading to forest to explore. This is a bit far for me, so I just ask for a small travel fee and my entrance to the gardens to be covered, but I truly do love shooting here.